HoltTollett, P.C. has represented property owner associations for over 30 years. For the last 2 decades, property owner association law has been the Firm’s sole focus and practice area. HoltTollet, P.C. is one of the most established property owner association law firms in the State of Texas.

The attorneys at HoltTollett, P.C. have a mountain of legal experience in property owner association matters. This will result in your property owner association receiving expert legal advice and prevent the “wheel from being recreated” at the expense of your property owner association.

HoltTollett, P.C.’s singular focus on property owner association law for so many years has allowed the Firm’s attorneys and paralegals to:

  1. Gain an extremely high level of expertise and experience in all areas of property owner association law.
  2. Discover through a process of elimination the legal strategies that are the most effective and efficient for resolving maintenance assessment and deed restriction enforcement matters.
  3. Create a wealth of computer systems that promote extreme levels of efficiency and responsiveness when resolving maintenance assessment and deed restriction enforcement matters.
  4. Avoid the internal conflicts, inefficiencies and politics that can occur in law firms with multiple practice areas that compete against each other for revenue and prestige.

The tagline “Results and Responsiveness” has been associated with HoltTollett, P.C. in different publications for over a decade. It’s a reflection of the Firm passionately striving to deliver extraordinary results and unmatched responsiveness to property owner association clients. It is also a symbolic measuring stick for HoltTollett, P.C. that originated over 25 years ago.


HoltTollett tracks, measures and publishes the results that it achieves for property owner association clients. Board members and property managers are given 24/7 access to a client portal located on the Firm’s website to view relevant, results-oriented data. The hard data is detailed and joined by a graphical interface for user convenience.


HoltTollett, P.C. guarantees the level of its client responsiveness with a $50 gas card. Specifically, the Firm will strive to acknowledge every client communication on the same day that it is received and at the very latest, every client communication will be acknowledged before the end of the next business day. If HoltTollett, P.C. fails to honor this commitment, a $50 Gas Card will be mailed to the Board Member, Property Manager or Developer who advises the Firm of the occurrence.


For the last 2 decades HoltTollett, P.C. has consistently invested a tremendous amount of resources in technology to create computer systems that capture key information and leverage efficiencies for property owner associations in legal matters. From a “Results & Responsiveness” viewpoint, the customized computer systems being used at HoltTollett, P.C. are a complete game changer that offer tremendous advantage to the Firm’s property owner association clientele.


HoltTollett, P.C.’s fee structure is very competitive and includes a range of flat fee schedules. A “Deferred Fee” billing arrangement is available to qualifying property owner associations for collecting maintenance assessments.


HoltTollett, P.C.’s extensive property owner association clientele consist of large and small residential subdivisions, master-planned communities, high and low rise condominiums, townhomes, commercial property owner associations, and mixed-use property owner associations. The Firm’s clients are located in suburban, inner-urban, rural, golf course, age restricted, lake, and coastal communities.

HoltTollett, P.C.’s Client Commitment discusses how our Firm can become an invaluable resource to your property owner association. If we can help your property owner association in any way, please call HoltTollett, P.C. at (713) 510-1000 and ask for a client relations representative or send an email to information@holttollett.com.